We just wanted to provide an update on all things Dr. Karey and Dr. Clarkson has been working on as we waited for the governor to reopen.  We will be back to work full time June 1st.  Our office will be going BEYOND the standards, guidelines and recommendations from the American and Michigan Dental Associations,  It is so important for us to assure the health and safety of our patients, team and community.

We have installed 2 Hospital/Airline grade HEPA filter Air Purifications Units.  These remove 99.97% of all airborne pathogens including the Covid-19 virus.  They purify 1200 cubic feet of the air per minute thus producing and maintaining a safer quality of air for our patients and staff to breath throughout the day. We will be using an Ultra Violet light cabinet to provide extra sterilization for various items used in the office such as keyboards, pens, files, cell phones, and dental equipment.  This is in addition to our normal cleaning and sterilization procedures. We will check every patient and staff members temperature as they arrive at the office.  Anyone with a temperature 100.4 or above will be reappointed at least 14 days later.

We will ask a short series of questions when we confirm your appointment and once again when you arrive.  These are the common questions you’ve probably heard about or are experiencing in other venues:  1)  Are you experiencing any flu-like symptoms within the last 3 days.  2)  Have you been in contact with anyone experiencing symptoms or has tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days.  3)  Have you traveled by plane internationally or domestically in the last 14 days.  If yes to any of these questions we will reappoint you at a later date.

Dental offices have long worked with universal precautions against viral and bacterial pathogens so we are accustomed to these procedures.  We are taking these additional steps since Covid-19 is a new virus strain, but still a virus similar to other flu and cold viruses.  We are taking these additional steps to provide additional assurance. We believe oral health is essential to your health and well being and we take seriously the need to reopen the office to provide our piece of your health care needs.

Please contact us if you have any concerns.